MAGAZIN Installation II
Installation at the design fair Blickfang 2010

The foam-like structure serves as a unique framework for selected design and furniture objects for the design store MAGAZIN in Stuttgart. The spatial network is defined by individual cells that are generated through computational algorithms. Efficiency and lightness result from fast 2D CNC-production in combination with a spatial interlocking cutting pattern, an elaborate joining technique and digitally driven processes. The structure meets individual spatial requirements through local variation of the system's 3-dimensional density.

The project was initiated and developed in the context of the design studio rn601 at the University of Stuttgart for the design fair Blickfang 2010.
Academic Institution:
University of Stuttgart, Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), Prof. W. Sobek
Lead Researchers:
Fritz Mielert, Stefan Neuhäuser, Matthias Rippmann
Sabrina Fliegerbauer, Corina Grinbold, Tomas Kratochvila, Michael Pelzer, Christine Rosemann, Christian Weitzel, Andreas Witzany
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