MAGAZIN Installation I
Installation for the design fair Blickfang 2009

The Installation for the design store MAGAZIN serves as a unique framework for selected design and furniture objects. The screen is used as a filter between observer and exhibition object. Its 2000 individual elements are oriented at specific angles thus revealing only a small portion of the area behind the screen to the viewer. The visitors' view from the outside of the honeycomb-like structure is always guided towards the exhibition objects, highlighting them as the main attraction of the installation.

The project was initiated and developed in the context of the design studio 3D2REAL at the University of Stuttgart for the design fair Blickfang 2009.
Academic Institution:
University of Stuttgart, Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), Prof. W. Sobek
Lead Researchers:
Elias Knubben, Fritz Mielert, Stefan Neuhäuser, Matthias Rippmann
Benjamin Engelhardt, Fred Ernst, Kadri Kaldam, Sebastian Lippert, Christian Seelbach
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