Designtool Schoninger Speere
Development of an intuitive, digital design tool

The new 'Forschungs- und Erlebniszentrum Schoninger Speere' by Holzer und Kobler Architekturen features a 700 sqm exhibition space with an irregular cellular structure. The design is based on a regular cell arrangement that was scaled and deformed to match the spatial requirements of the exhibition. Due to geometric constraints, these modifications result in non-planar cell walls and hence in a more complex and expensive construction. To simplify the fabrication and lower the costs, ROK developed customized, digital design tools providing an intuitive, real-time design approach for the architect. Embedded optimization algorithms guarantee the planarity of all cell walls and thus the economic materialization of the structure while ensuring design integrity.
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Rippmann
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